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Personal Money Management is powerless to achieve financial goals without a Positive Money Mindset.

We work with you on your financial journey to Self-Powerment by forming or enhancing productive money habits to achieve your financial goals

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“It’s imperative to set a budget (I like to establish a monthly budget for myself based on my income), invest your money, and utilize a credit card correctly. 
Focus on building credit score.
Live below your means to aid in achieving financial goals.
Saving your money in an emergency fund is critical as anything can happen with your car, unexpected medical expenses, and even unforgiving disasters.”

D. Dobbins

“I was never taught the importance of preparing for the future, or anything about money for that matter.  I grew up in a household that had major financial struggles. I thought I would do better. A credit card wasn't something you used to build credit, it was free money! Investing was foreign. There was no savings. The things that I've learned about money (saving, budgeting, investing, etc.)as an adult are helpful, but a bit overwhelming; there s so much financial advice out there. When I was struggling in my twenties, I thought I had time to figure it out. Now, at the age of 39, I still find myself struggling to implement the things I've learned.  I often feel that I'm way behind. The habits of my parents had become my habits.  

I think there's a lot less worry if you start preparing at a young age. I'm doing a little better than my folks, and I hope I can teach my children to do better than me.”

T. Carter

“I believe many times financial habits are learned behavior from parents. 
Being an educator, I don’t believe there is enough emphasis on money and budgeting in high school.  
Students aren’t taught to manage money and fall into the bad habits and traps and it becomes a life changer because their credit is ruined and they are just starting life.”

S. Thompson

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